Which part of the Vancouver Convention Centre are we in?

There is an East and West building to the Vancouver Convention Centre - we are in the West building.


Where do I find information on the North American Irish Dance Championships?
The best place to find your information before the event starts is on NAIDC.WCIDTA.CA Once the event starts we will be updating via social media; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All three sites may not have the same information and pictures so probably best to follow all three if you can.




Will there be shuttles between the hotels and the Vancouver Convention Centre West?
The host committee is not organizing a shuttle between the hotels and the venue due to the cost. 



Does vancouver have rideshare services such as Uber & Lyft?
No we don’t! We do it the old-fashioned way – walking, cycling and taxis.


What time will the venue open each day?

You will be able to get into the Vancouver convention centre west every morning 90 minutes before the competition starts. You will be able to get into the ball rooms one hour before the competition starts.


What time does the vendor village open each day?
The vendor village will open every day one hour before the start of competition.


How do I get wristbands to get into the competition?

If you are staying within the block, you will get your wristband when you check into your hotel room. If there are any problems, you can see one of our volunteers at the Wristband Table at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.


How much is the daily admission rate for BC residents?
If you are a BC resident and not staying within the hotel block, you will need to purchase daily wristbands for each day you wish to attend. The cost for daily admission is CAD $30.


How much are programs and when can I start buying them?
Programs are CAD $30. Program sales will begin at 4 PM on Sunday, June 30th. 


Can I get into the Vendor Village without a wristband?
Yes! You will be able to shop at the Vendor Village without a wristband. You will need a wristband to get into any of the competition ballrooms.


Will there be a secondhand dress shop where I can sell my costume?
Yes! The secondhand dress shop will be open at 4 o’clock on Sunday, June 30. The cost to leave a costume in the dress shop is CAD $40 for a dress and CAD $20 for a waistcoat/vest. 


Will there be mass on Saturday or Sunday of the event?
No. This year there will not be mass. Dancing runs from Monday to Friday. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is very close to all of the hotels. Information on mass times can be found at


How do I know what split my dancer is in?

Any solo competition at the NAIDC that has 150 dancers or more in it, will be split into an A and B half.
The list of dancers who are in a split competition is on NAIDC.WCIDTA.CA

Please note: If you are not in a split competition your name will not appear on this list.


Is there free Wi-Fi at the venue?
No there isn’t. As much as we would love to give everyone free Wi-Fi the cost of doing so does not make this possible. 

Do you accept VISA to purchase a program and/or wristbands?

No we do not. Program sales and wristbands are CASH ONLY. 

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